Shoot Lucy would like to thank everyone who supported us for over 20 years. It meant the world to us.

You made us feel like rock stars so many times, and you have no idea how special that was to all of us who played in this band. While Shoot Lucy has likely run its course (never say never…) the individual members of the band have not left the music scene. Some of us are out there playing right now, and some of us are working on new and interesting musical projects to come. That said, please support local music – the live music scene isn’t what it was back when we started, but local music is important and local bands and venues need your support. We know that most of you who followed us back in the day are older now, and life gets in the way of things, but if you have a free evening/no kids/date night, consider seeking out a new band to see perform live. Those artists will always appreciate people coming out to see them, just as we did, and you might find some new music you love.

Finally, to all of you who came to see us live, bought or downloaded an album, to all the bands that invited us to play with them, and all the bands that opened for us, we sincerely say thank you.

Our CD’s are still available, via physical copy or digital download.
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Digital downloads are available from most major online sites like Amazon Music and Apple Music/iTunes.
We are on Spotify as well, and you can listen to us on YouTube.

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